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Assessment of Land Disputes in North and East Provinces Completed

A Rapid Assessment of Land Disputes in Northern and Eastern Provinces has been completed by the Asia Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice to study the characteristics and scale of land disputes that have evolved over a period of 30 years in the former theatre of conflict.

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Access to Electricity in Delft Island Nearing 100%

The Delft Island (known as Neduntheevu in Tamil), located off the northern-most tip of Sri Lanka, will soon be provided with electricity for 100 percent of its population. Earlier, less than 50 percent of the island’s population had access to a continuous supply of electricity, if at all.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, this week, ceremoniously commissioned the Delft East and Delft West electricity supply schemes from the Velanai Electricity Consumer Services Centre in Jaffna, which was also simultaneously declared open by the President.

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Photos: Schools in Kilinochchi Renovated

The Ministry of Education has renovated and reopened 13 schools in the Kilinochchi District recently. These schools had been in a run-down condition for decades due to the conflict. In addition to restoring the primary facilities of the schools, additional amenities such as accommodation for teachers and Mahindodaya Technological Laboratories have also been provided to some of the schools.

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